Elegant Square Bracelet

Elegant Square Bracelet

This bracelet is honestly just beautiful. The amount of compliments I have gotten from it is higher than any other piece of jewelry I’ve ever made and I tend to agree with people. At the moment I would say that this is the nicest piece that I have made and I am going to share it with all of you. I would love to see your own little versions of it and who you made it for in the comments below.

What you will need

Fine wire (tarnish resistant)  –  I used a  28 gauge gold wire.

Crochet hook – I used a 1.60 mm hook.

End Clasps – which ever design you like.

Beads – approximately 14-16 4 mm beads.

Round Wire pliers– this is for making a loop for a chain

Scissors/ wire cutter – to cut the wire of course (it’s very fine so normal scissors will work for the 28 gauge.) I would recommend wire cutters for shortening the head pin.


Round 1 – chain 4, slip stitch with the first chain to form a circle.

Round 2- chain 2, half double crochet into the center of the circle twice. [chain 2, half double crochet 3 time into center] repeat 3 times. chain 2 and slip stitch with your starting chain.

Round 3 – chian 2, half double crochet into the next 2 stitches, half double crochet into the chain 2 space. [ chain 2, half double crochet the chain 2 space, half double crochet into next 3 stitches and than half double crochet into the chain 2 space] repeat 3 times. Chain 2, Half double crochet into the the chain 2 space and than slip stitch with the starting chain. fasten off and leave a bit of a tail.

putting on the center bead – using the tail from the starting wire and place the bead on it. wrap around the opposite circle section and put the wire through the bead again (sort of like a zig zag) do this twice, take the wire and cut it so that it is shorter than bead length and place the wire back in the bead so no point is sticking out.

Putting on the edge beads, each square will have one end tail these can be used to attach one of the side beads to another square. All the other ones however, you are going to have to add a bit of wire before to attach the bead. simply wrap the new wire end 3 times around the wire and than treat it as if it was a regular tail. (the starting tail also goes inside of the bead, if it wont fit than push the wire into another section where you wont feel the end piece.

For a regular tail you simply do the same that you did with the middle bead however you do it between the two squares instead. Try to make sure that it is at tight as possible between the beads.

NOTE – for the end squares leave the end tail to attach to the bracelet end clasps 

Attaching the end claps depending on the type you picked you could either use a bead to attach them or simply have it flush against the granny square as in my picture. either way it involves using the same technique of wrapping the wire around the clasp and between the granny square and fasten off.

Congratulations and enjoy this beautiful bracelet!

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