Drop earings

Drop earings

These are super awesome way to jazz up an outfit and super easy to make! You will have a set in less than 30 minutes.

That being said I’ve been sick lately and havnt had much time to work on this site, and I am sorry for going MIA for awhile.

Also this has no pictures yet but if you have gone through any of my other tutorials its all the same information!  I will work on picture >.< I promise

What you will need

Fine wire (tarnish resistant)  –  I used a  28 gauge gold wire.

Crochet hook – I used a 1.80 mm hook.

2 earring hooks – which ever design you like.

Beads – for each earrings ( 1 center bead, 4 beads to put on the head pins and 1 seed bead to attach the earring hook)

2 Head Pins – which ever style you like.

Wire pliers– these are not needed but make your life a lot more easy while pushing the tails through the beads.

Scissors – to cut the wire of course (it’s very fine so normal scissors will work).


Step 1

Slip knot, and chain until it fits very snugly around your center bead. This will stretch out so go smaller then larger.

Step 2

Slip stitch with the starting chain. Chain 1 then sc around the chain double the amount of your crochet chain. slip stitch with the first chain and fasten off.

step 3

Adding the center bead. Take your beginning tail and put it through the bead hole, wrap it around the bottom of your circle then back up through the bead whole wrap it around the circle again twice then cut so that it is not longer then half of your center bead and push it through the bead whole. (you should not see the beginning tail anymore.)

Step 4

Take your end tail and wrap to the middle of the earring section. Add your seed bead and earring hook to the wire. Push the wire back through the seed bead, wrap around the base 3 times and push back through the seed bead. Cut the wire if it is to long.

Step 5

Add the beads you like onto the head pins and curl them with circle pliers leave enough room so that you can attach it to the sc part of the piece. Once attached tighten the gap the ramains and do the same thing for the other side.


Congratulations! You are amazing and did it! Now do the other earring and you are set!

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