Tunisian Drop Earrings

Tunisian Drop Earrings

These are a lovely addition to any jewelry collection. Using the Tunisian stitch create a beautiful lace like work that looks beautiful as earrings.

Easy to customize, making it longer or wider is a simple as adding a extra row. What type of bead that dangles at the bottom is completely up to you.

So lets have fun learning how to make these amazing earrings.

What you will need

Fine wire (tarnish resistant)  –  I used a  28 gauge black wire.

Crochet hook – I used a 1.80 mm hook.

2 earring hooks – which ever design you like.

Beads – for each earrings ( 1 dangle bead, 1 seed bead)

Wire pliers– these are not needed but make your life a lot more easy while pushing the tails through the beads.

Scissors – to cut the wire of course (it’s very fine so normal scissors will work).

Note: if you can’t see the pictures then click on them! It will open a larger picture.

Step 1

create the foundation chain ~ chain 3.

step 2

do not turn, in each stitch (in our case 2) pull a loop through. There should be 3 loops on your crochet hook when you reach the end.

step 3

This is the return row ~ chain 1 then yarn over and pull a loop through the next two stitches on the hook.

step 4

this is the forward row ~ in the middle stitch pull a loop through the vertical bar on the previous row, pull a loop on the edge stitch as well.

step 5

repeat step 3.

step 6

you will repeat steps 4 and 3 until you have the desired length in the example I did 6 rows. On the last row single crochet across the row.  Slip stitch to the middle stitch in the row.

Step 7

Chain the amount the will fit snugly around the dangle bead you have chosen. I was working with a 10 mm bead so I chained 6 and slip stitched with the start of the chain.

Step 8

Cut the wire with at least 2 inches remaining. Bring the wire through your bead wrap around the wire on the bottom of the chain and then back through the bead. It should be secured in place. Take the renaming tail and wrap it around any base wire 3 times then cut the wire so that it will fit in the bead but not past the length of the bead and push into the bead.

Step 9

Take your beginning tail and wrap to the middle of the earring section. Add your seed bead and earring hook to the wire. Push the wire back through the seed bead, wrap around the base 3 times and push back through the seed bead. Cut the wire if it is to long.

Congratulations you have a awesome pair of earrings now!

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