Flower Pendant

Flower Pendant

With this timeless design, enjoy the wonders of spring. This is the first pattern that I have added in some elements that are not crocheted. However as long as you have the tools they are very easy to achieve. I am talking about the dangling beads below the flower! Feel free to crochet a chain instead if you don’t have all the materials for the dangle part.

What you will need

Fine wire (tarnish resistant)  –  26/28 gauge wire. I used silver wire.

Crochet hook – I used a 3.75 mm hook.

3 head pins– which ever design you like.

Beads –  1 center bead, 1 small bead for each petal (8), beads for the head pins (3 small beads, 8 seed beads, 6 medium beads)

note – the center circle has a diameter of 8 mm so if you want the bead to sit in the center use a 8mm or below bead, if you don’t need it to do that then you can use any size you like.

 Round Wire pliers– You will need these to attach the head pins to your flower.

Scissors – to cut the wire of course (it’s very fine so normal scissors will work).

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Step 1

Add the 8  small beads to the wire.

Slip knot (leave a decent tail since that is what we are going to add the bead in the center with). Chain 4 and slip stitch with the first chain to create a circle.

Step 2

Chain 5, [double crochet twice, chain 2] repeat this until you have 7 groups of 2 double crochet clusters.

double crochet once and slip stitch with the 3rd stitch from the chain 5.

chain 1, SC, 3 HDC (the second with a bead), SS into the DC chain from the previous row. [SC into the next 2 chain hole, 3 HDC (the second with a bead), SC, SS into the DC chain from the previous row] repeat this for each  hole section. SS at the chain 1,

Chain 5, then slip stitch with the start of the chain, this is where you can add the chain for the necklace.

note to give this more of a round shape use your crochet hook to shape it.

note – I put the beads on the flower by placing them before I start the second HDC.


Step 3

reshape the wire until it is how you like it more flower, just pull on it a bit.

Step 4

Adding the center bead, take your tail from earlier and secure a bead in the center of your granny square. I wrapped the wire around the chain 4 circle and put it back through the bead twice (so the wire should go through the bead 3 times) and then wrapped it around 1 more time, cut it shorter so that it wont go all the way to the end of the bead and put the wire through the bead again.

Step 5

Adding the dangles.

First take your head pins and add the beads you want on them. I added 2 extra seed beads to the middle one to give it some more dazzle. Now once the bead are all on take your round pliers and curve the very top so that there is barely any space. On the flower go below the middle bead in each petal and add the head pins there. Remember to fully close the top of the head pins or else they will fall off.

Congratulations! You have an amazing flower pendant, I would love to see all the color combinations that you guys come up with please leave a comment in the forum or our Facebook group page!

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