Dainty Flower Bracelet

Dainty Flower Bracelet

Hello everyone, today we are going to learn how to make this lovely and dainty flower bracelet! You may recognize some of the design element from the flower earrings that were posted earlier this week and that is because they are a set piece with each other! If you want to learn how to also make the earrings click HERE.

Another note is that the birth stone for this month is amethyst which is actually what the middle beads are made out of! Amethyst is one of the cheapest birthstone options out there so if you know anyone with a birthday in February that would like these you can make it even more special for them!

That being said tell me in the comments below what other type of stone/ beads you are going to be using for this project!

What you will need

Fine wire (tarnish resistant)  –  28 gauge wire. I used silver wire.

Crochet hook – I used a 3.75 mm hook for the larger flower and 3/2 mm hook for the smaller flower (you can use any small crochet hook that is around 1 mm).

End clasps – which ever design you like.

Beads –  for larger flower [1 8 mm bead, and 24 seed beads] for the smaller flowers [ 2 4 mm beads, and 48 seed beads] you will also need end beads [I used 4 of the same type seed beads].

Wire pliers– these are not needed but make your life a lot easier while pushing the tails through the beads and connected the flowers together. [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED]

Scissors – to cut the wire of course (it’s very fine so normal scissors will work).

Lets get started!

These bracelet is composed from 3 separate flowers (1 larger and 2 smaller), however you follow the exact same pattern for each flower the only difference is size which is achieved by using a smaller crochet hook.

Flower pattern [make 1 with 3.75 mm hook and 2 with 3/2 mm hook]

Step 1

Add the 24 seed beads to the wire.

Slip knot (leave a decent tail since that is what we are going to add the bead in the center with). Chain 4 and slip stitch with the first chain to create a circle.

Step 2

Chain 5, [double crochet twice, chain 2] repeat this until you have 7 groups of 2 double crochet clusters.

If larger flower double crochet once and slip stitch with the 3rd stitch from the chain 5.

If smaller flower you can do the same as above or skip the double crochet to get a stem like feeling.

chain 1, SC, 3 HDC with seed beads, SC into the 2 chain hole. [SC into the next 2 chain hole, 3 HDC with seed beads, SC] repeat this for each 2 hole section. SS at the chain 1,

if larger flower fasten off,

if smaller flower then chain 2 and cut the wire loosely fasten it however you want it to still be adjustable encase you need to make it larger/smaller.

note – I put the seed beads on the flower by yarn over, insert into pieces yarn over, push seed bead against your piece (on the other side) and pull through all the loops. They may move around, just move them back to where they are supposed to be.


Step 3

reshape the wire until it is how you like it more flower, just pull on it a bit.

Step 4

Adding the center bead, take your tail from earlier and secure a bead in the center of your granny square. I wrapped the wire around the chain 4 circle and put it back through the bead twice (so the wire should go through the bead 3 times) and then wrapped it around 1 more time, cut it shorter so that it wont go all the way to the end of the bead and put the wire through the bead again.


Make all 3 of your flowers first!

Step 5

To attach the flowers together we will be using the same colored wire and weaving them together.

The first section you can use the tail from the end tail of the large flower, make sure that the chain on the smaller flowers are going directly straight.

Take the wire and pull it between the two flowers weaving it back and forth (just like with yarn but less space). When you have gone back and forth at least 3 times then cut your wire shorter and bend the end tail so that it wont poke you and place it in the flower petal area (so you wont be able to feel it).

For the next 3 sections we will need to add our own wire to the flower, just wrap it around the petal part 3 times and then weave like above. Make sure no tails can poke you!

Step 6

We are now going to attach the end clasps, if you realize you bracelet will be to big/ small with the clasp you picked then you can readjust you wire chain now.

Add your end beads to the wire, wrap the wire around the clasp section, then back through the beads. Wrap the wire around a section in your bracelet 3 times to give it stability then hide the end tail in the end beads.


Congratulations you have yourself a fine flower bracelet, just imagine all the other things you can make with these cute flowers!

If you have any questions I will gladly answer them down below!


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