What kind of wire to use?

What kind of wire to use?

So you have decided that you want to start crocheting with wire and now you are left with the decision of what kind of wire do you want to use?

I am going to break it down into sizes, brands, and other useful information.

The most important thing to note is that it should be tarnish resistant wire!


I’ve seen places that say you can crochet with 22 gauge wire, but have they tried that? It hurts the wrist!

So I would say the range is between 24-32 gauge wire. But even 24 gauge is pushing it for me! I prefer 28 gauge.

What is the difference?

24 gauge wire is thicker then any of the others while 32 is the thinnest.

24 gauge will keep it’s kinks in it from when you crochet and is hard to correct a mistake in, while 28-30 is more thread like as long as you are not going back multiple rows you can probably save your project.

24 gauge is the most stable of the wires it wont break on you easily while if you pull to hard on 28-32 there is a high chance that it will snap on you. (this is while you are crocheting and not wearing it.)

So to sum it up more dainty projects I would use a larger gauge wire.


Based in america so I am sorry if I don’t know for your country.

The 2 major brands I think of for plated wire are parawire and artistic wire.

Now parawire is the wire I use, I find the color more resistant to artistic wire, more color options, and it’s slightly more malleable. However you can only buy it online.

Artistic wire you can find in general craft stores, so it is easier to get but I find the price is all over the place and the color selection is on the low side, especially in higher gauges.

For sterling silver and gold filled wire I have only ever bought it off of fire mountain gems because that stuff is expensive, but worth it if you are looking for a higher quality product.

You will find other wire in your craft store and if it is the correct size you could use it for practicing or testing out patterns but I am very wary of wire with little detail about itself either the color rubs off very easily or it tarnishes easily. Either way if it’s a lot cheaper then the other wire know that there is probably a reason why.

If you know of other brands in your area that are good then contact me so I can update this section.



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