Star Bracelet

Star Bracelet

Hello everyone and welcome to this tutorial on the star bracelet. I haven’t decided if a thin ribbon would look just as amazing as the beads,

so if someone would want to try and send a picture that would be amazing. This pattern uses a variation of the star stitch to create it’s delicate body.

Lets get started!

What you will need

Fine wire (tarnish resistant)  –  28 gauge wire. I used a gold 28 gauge.

Crochet hook – I used a 3.75  mm hook.

End clasps – which ever design you like.

Beads – 2-4 middle beads sized 6mm x 4mm  and 10-12 side beads sized 3mm and end beads ( I used 1 3 mm and the 3 seed beads)

note – on the amount will be covered in step 1

Wire pliers– to get the wire as tight as possible on the ends!

Scissors – to cut the wire of course (it’s very fine so normal scissors will work).

Step 1


So for a bracelet that is around 7 inches (including end clasps, you should leave about a inch for the end clasps).

So for the foundation chain you will want to chain 5 + rows of 3. About 2 star groups is around 1 inch.

For a 6 inch bracelet + 1 inch end clasp area – chain 38.   Beads – 2 middle, 10 side.

For a 7 inch bracelet + 1 inch end clasp area – chain 44. Beads – 2/4 middle, 12/ 10 side (either combination works)

Before you crochet your foundation chain add your beads!!

So chain your foundation chain for the length you want.

Step 2

Pull a loop up on the next 5 chain, now pull through all of the loops on your hook, but 1 of your beads against the cluster and chain 1 (loosely), then chain 1 again.

Now this will be a repetitive part until you have completed the row.

pull a loop up in the last loop in the previous star section, pull another loop in the foundation chain that was used in the previous star section, and then pull a loop up in the next 3 chains from the foundation chain. now pull through all of the loops on your hook, but 1 of your beads against the cluster and chain 1, then chain 1 again.

Half Double crochet into the last chain of the foundation chain

Step 3

Chain 1 into the Half double crochet, then chain 2 in each center section of the stars (where the beads are). Slip stitch with the beginning of the first star section (this wont be a straight line).

If you accidentally made your middle chain to tight to get you crochet hook into then use a smaller hook don’t force it as that may cause the wire to break.

Fasten off and leave about 2 inches of your end clasps.



Step 4

Putting on the end clasps do this for each side.

Wrap the end tails around the center loop of your bracelet, this is to make it evenly in the center. (Depending on the end clasp you picked but most of you will do this) just wrap it around a middle section once.

To attach the end clasp you will put your end beads on the wire, wrap the wire around the clasp section, then back through the beads. Wrap the wire around a section in your bracelet 3 times to give it stability then hide the end tail in the end beads.


Congratulations you should have a star bracelet, I hope you had fun making it! If you have any questions ask below and I will gladly answer them.

I would love to see your work on one of our social media pages!

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