Circle Bracelet

Circle Bracelet

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!

This bracelet is just in time for the new year and can easily be dressed up to go with any outfit you are wearing!

What you will need

Fine wire (tarnish resistant)  –  28 gauge wire. I used a silver 28 gauge.

Crochet hook – I used a 3/2. 10 mm hook.

End clasps – which ever design you like. (note near the end for this)

Beads – 3 beads that are 8-10 mm and end beads, the end beads I used were  seed beads.

Wire pliers– to get the center beads as tight as possible this is extremely recommended!

Scissors – to cut the wire of course (it’s very fine so normal scissors will work).

Lets get started

note each circle that is made from a 20 chain is going to be approx about 1.25 inches, which is about 5 inches in total. your end clasp and beads for in between will probably take about another 2 inches if you are using beads that are 8 mm and above. Therefor this pattern is made for 7 inch wrist you can make it larger by either adding more beads to go in between your circles or make each circle slightly bigger ie 22, 24, or 26 base chain. This also depends on your tension so experiment you want each circle to be slightly under 20% of the size of the bracelet you are making.

Example 7 inch bracelet with a circle of 1.25 inches is 18% (1.25/7) so a 8 inch bracelet you would want around 1.5 inches for each loop.

Ask below if you have any problems this might seem complicated but it is really not, this just looks nice when it fits snugly against the wrist it was made for!

Also the pictures are a little hard to see when they are small if you click on them you will get a large picture where you can see all the detail you need!


Step 1

slipknot, chain 20, slip stitch with the first chain to form a circle.

circle bracelet circle bracelet

Step 2

Slip stitch all the way around the circle (this makes it more stable and gives it more detail)  Fasten off.

Do this 3 more times to make 4 circles.

circle bracelet

Step 3

Put the beads you want on the end wires of your first circle and attach it to the next circle (have the next circles end tails facing the opposite ways, to attach to the next circle). To do this wrap the wire around the base of the second wire (twice) and back threw the bead(s) to the first circle wrap the wire around the base and now we will put the left over in the bead so that it can’t be seen. You may need to trim the end wire so that it wont stick out. Repeat this step 2 times (for all of the center beads).

circle bracelet circle bracelet circle bracelet circle bracelet

Step 4

Now we are going to add the end clasps. If you find that the bracelet is already really close to the size you want I would recommend just adding a type of spring clasp. If you have a lot of space then use any type of clasp you would like. I have really small wrist so I am just going to use a spring clasp, however I will go over the instructions for the others (just no pictures) but it is pretty much the same principle that is used no matter what type of clasp you use.

Add your end bead(s), I generally use seed beads, to the end wire on the circle that still has end tails. Add your clasp and do the same thing you did to attach the circles together note you will have less space so you will probably only be able to go threw the end bead twice. but you should be able to put the end tips in the bead. If not make it so that the end wire wont be sticking out or be able to poke you in any way. To add a end clasp to the other side (which shouldn’t have any wires) simply cut some wire of the same spool and fold in half add that half to the middle of the circle so that the folded part of the wire is at the base of the circle and the 2 end are sticking outwards and do the same that you did to the other side.

circle bracelet


Congratulations! you just made a circle bracelet (feel like I need a better name for this >.<) Share a picture with us. If you have any questions ask below and I will gladly help you!

circle bracelet

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