Kitty Cat Ring

Kitty Cat Ring

I love cats, and even if you are a dog person you could just say it is a dog ring (no its a cat you silly person who likes dogs?)


~26-28 gauge wire

~Crochet hook size: under 1

~Wire cutters

~flat nose pliers (optional)


Step 1) Chain to form a circle that is the size of your finger (you might have to experiment) you want it a stitch or 2 bigger because it will shrink when you ss around! 

Once you know how big to chain, ss with the last stitch from your hook to form a circle.

Step 2)  Chain 3, slip stitch around the ring until you are 3 stitches away from your starting stitch, chain 3

again, slip stitch 2 to completely go around the ring.


Step 3) Cut your wire with 2 inches remaining, take your beginning tail and wrap that between the 2 chain 3s and put the end piece in the middle (so it can’t poke you) do the same for the end tail make sure no end tail is sticking out to get poked!


That is all there is too it!!!