Flower Petal

Flower Petal

I feel that you can make so many different items with just knowing how to make the petal, so we are going to focus on just a petal instead of a flower!

Perhaps you want 6 petals or have them layered, I would love to see all the different items you can make from flower petals, so share your projects with us in the forums, on Facebook  or #crochetwirejewelrypetals on Instagram

Lets get on with how to make these though!

What you will need

Fine wire (tarnish resistant)  –  28 gauge wire. I used a purple 28 gauge wire.

Crochet hook – I used a 3/2. 10 mm hook.

Wire pliers– to get the ends as tight as possible this is recommended!

Scissors – to cut the wire of course (it’s very fine so normal scissors will work).

If you are having a hard time viewing the pictures click on them and you will get a large view of them!

Step 1

Chain the length you want + 2 (in the example i did 7)

crochet pattern

Step 2

From the fourth chain from the hook double crochet 4 times. In the same chain (should be the last stitch from the crochet hook) double crochet 6 more times.

crochet pattern

Step 3

Double crochet into the backs of the chain stitch, to create a U, 4 times. Line the beginning tail in with you crochet stitches so that it is at the base of the petal when you are completed it.

To give it more of a petal feel slip stitch between the very ends of the bottom of the petal. This will give it body and shape, since we are doing it with wire you can shape each petal slightly differently and it will stay. Fasten off, I would save the end tails for weaving into other petals.


crochet pattern

side view after ss

You now have a basic flower petal!

Now the real mission can begin, which is making a flower of course! Remember to share on our Facebook page or Join the crochet wire jewelry group on Facebook!

For some inspiration this is a 3 petal flower I did with a center bead and 2 seed beads. It is attached to a green stem which is crocheted around a bobby pin so that it can go in your hair!

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