Wrap Around Earrings

Wrap Around Earrings

Before I begin this pattern I just want you to all know this will be the last one posted on this website. I am about to set up a Kickstarter to get a better website. Visit our Kickstarter HERE, I  really hope you enjoy this blog enough to contribute!

The rewards will include DIY boxes, pieces of jewelry, and some unique features. Will arrive in time for Christmas!

Continuing on with the pattern use this simple way to show off a gorgeous stick beads of yours. With only a chain anyone can do this pattern, so have fun with it.

Here is what you will need

Fine wire (tarnish resistant)  – 28 or 30 gauge  (the larger the gauge, the smaller the wire is, which makes it easier to work with your crochet hook) I used a 30 gauge.

Crochet hook – I used a 3/2 .10 mm hook

2 earring hooks– whichever designs that you like!

Beads – each (1 stick bead, end beads, I used 2 seed beads)

Wire pliers– these are not needed but make your life a lot more easy while using the end beads

Scissors – to cut the wire of course (its very fine so normal scissors will work)

Step 1

Decide which bead to use and add to the wire. You want something around a inch long and not to heavy. You also require the bead to have a hole going side to side near the top of the bead, not going through the middle.

Step 2

Chain 2, chain 1 with bead. This will be the back side of the earring. Continue chaining until desired length (you should be able to wrap the chain twice around the bead)  wrap around the bottom of the bead and slip stitch the bottom. Take the end tail and put it at the bottom of the slip stitch area, now take flat noise pliers and flatten the area 1 horizontally, 1 vertically, another horizontally. This should keep the end tail exactly where it is.


The bead is attached at the top so you can do any design you wish for the bottom.

Step 3

Decide what color seed beads you want to use and add to the beginning tail. Add the earring hooks and pull the wire through the seed beads wrap around the the beginning chain. Trim the tail and put the end tip back into the beads.



Repeat for the other earring. Make sure to remember what you did and either repeat it for the other earring or do it in the opposite direction.



Congratulations on making a amazing pair of earrings!

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If you have any questions or concerns please comment below and I’ll answer them as best I can!

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