Cat Eye Bracelet

Cat Eye Bracelet

This cute little bracelet can be dressed up or worn casually, a very staple piece that will go with any outfit of yours. As a bonus it is also extremely easy to make the hardest part is picking which beads you want to use (if you even want to use them)!

In some other news I convinced my husband to learn how to crochet (if he can do it so can you!). I am so proud of him!

Here is what you will need

Fine wire (tarnish resistant)  –  26, 28, 30 (the larger the gauge, the smaller the wire is, which makes it easier to work with your crochet hook) I used a gold 28 gauge.

Crochet hook – I used a 3.25 mm hook.

2 end clasps – which ever design you like.

Beads – 4-6 8mm beads (I probably wouldn’t go bigger then this but you can go smaller), and 6 end bead (I used seed beads).

Determine how long your bracelet will be. I have a tiny wrist and made this so that it would fit snug against it, so unless you have a child size wrist I would add at least 1 extra bead section for smaller wrist and 2 for bigger wrists.

You can always add extra beads to your wire and if you notice it is to small then crochet more on it (in groups of 7)

Wire pliers– these are not needed but make your life a lot more easy while pushing the tails through the beads.

Scissors – to cut the wire of course (it’s very fine so normal scissors will work).

Step 1

Put your beads on the wire. The bracelet will follow this pattern 1 section with a bead on the top or bottom alternating. Each section is a chain of 6 on each side and a extra 1 where you slip stitch. So for a bracelet with 4 it would look like this

chain 2, chain 1 with bead, chain 13, chain 1 with bead, chain 10 (this is 1 row)


Step 2

without turning your work we will repeat the same pattern as above but with the beads going in the spaces we missed earlier.

Chain 2, chain 1 with bead, chain 3, slip stitch, chain 6, slip stitch, chain 2, chain 1 with bead, chain 6 slip stitch with the start. Fasten off. (row 2)


Step 3

Twirl the 2 tails together and put your end beads on the wire, loop around your end clasp and push back through the beads (cut the wire to shorten it as needed)

Make sure no wire ends are sticking out.


Since there are no tails on the other side take a piece of wire fold on in half and wrap around the other end of the bracelet. Do the same method to attach it as above.

Adjust the wire around the beads to make sure everything is sitting how you like it.


Congratulations you now have a cat eye Bracelet, Awesome job! What do you think, tell me in the comments below.

If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment below and I will answer them as best as I can.

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3 Responses

  1. First attempt at #crocheting wire. I used 26 gauge and a side 3.00 hook. Not gonna give up, but it sure doesn’t look like yours. I’m getting 30 gauge and try again.

    1. the key to the simple ones is keeping the loops all the same size or else it will look a little weird. What did you find difficult? I could try to be of more help!
      This pattern is a little more forgiving for playing with wire for the first time

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